Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Old School Tony Hawk

I remember playing those old school skater Tony Hawk games all the time on Gamecube or the original Xbox. I used to beat my brother so hard when we plaid the "paint" gametype. basically you go along a map and do tricks on things and that object becomes your colour. But if the other player gets a higher score on that object they get that object. It continues like that until the time runs out and it compares how many objects you have against what your opponent has. Whichever has more wins. These games were the greatest. I recommend for everyone!


  1. PAINT was good, i liked HORSE better though. This post made me feel nostalgic hahaha i used to play this with my brother all the time.

  2. spot on my brother. played the game better than i skated back in the day.

  3. I remember the first tony hawk on playstation...great game, and the best OST ever !

    The 2 player mode was just endless !
    too bad it's not really a reference anymore on hd consoles...

  4. I remembered Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, because that was the first time I heard Mötorhead. Nice blog!