Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach is a great game. I've had it basically since it came out.  Because Bungie got so butthurt about people glitching it to get more credit (yes I was one of them :P) I got reset twice.  The first through I got to Lieutenant Colonel and then got reset.  Second time I got to Major Grade 3 and got reset.  Now I am back up to Major Grade 3.  But now I don't even play for credits or anything at all.  Now I only play Halo: Reach to have fun with friends and maybe build a cool map for Rooster Teeth's Achievement Horse. {} Check it out. They are pretty funny!


  1. excellent. i've not been too much into halo - my poison is mw2. like a bandit. oh, glad you liked the art. thank you!!!

  2. Absolutely. Don't worry, I'll be posting up a bunch of CoD stuff too. Just my first view posts, I'm posting most recently played. I love CoD too. Follow up and read about it.

  3. I've watched so much Roosterteeth. but only achievement hunters. So often I find myself needing to get that last secret achievement and they provide a perfect walkthrough.