Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Old School Tony Hawk

I remember playing those old school skater Tony Hawk games all the time on Gamecube or the original Xbox. I used to beat my brother so hard when we plaid the "paint" gametype. basically you go along a map and do tricks on things and that object becomes your colour. But if the other player gets a higher score on that object they get that object. It continues like that until the time runs out and it compares how many objects you have against what your opponent has. Whichever has more wins. These games were the greatest. I recommend for everyone!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Halo 3

I think my favourite thing about Halo 3 was the achievement hunting. I rememeber thinking that recon armour was the coolest armour ever so I tried my best to get the Vidmaster Achievements. Most of them were pretty easy. But the one that I disliked the most was the one in Halo 3: ODST where you have to finish the last lever with 3 other friends only with mongooses. The most fun was in Halo 3 where you do basically the same thing except in ghosts. My friends agree that that was the most fun one. I enjoyed the co-op of campaign in general. I also enjoyed the multiplayer though I didn't play it much. Overall it was an excellent game. Thank you Bungie.

PS: because I am not home and I'm posting via my phone, sometimes placing pictures into the post is disabled for some reason, but I'll try.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Extended Absense

I will be gone for the rest of the summer (July 3rd - August 20th) so I will not be posting as frequently as I usually do. I will still post, however, but it will be slow. Sorry for not being able to be on a lot, my job entails me to leaving for a while. I look forward to getting back and writing more about what I, an hopefully you, love. Thanks!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Doodle Jump

Another iPhone app I'd like to share with you.  This one is called Doodle Jump!  If you have played this before you know what I mean when I say that it is addicting!  You basically just jump up onto platforms and try and get the highest distance up while avoiding monsters but using things like spring shoes or jetpacks to get up higher.  Anyone could enjoy this simple game.  I believe it's $0.99 in the app store, but if you jailbroke your iPhone/iPod Touch it's free! Check it out!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

IPhone apps anyone?

I actually enjoythese silly little games on my iPod Touch. This post will be about the app called Angry Birds. In this game you throw birds at green pigs and try to destroy them. This gets frustrating when you can't beat one level so usually play is for a short period of time then go back to it later. It also get pretty addicting sometimes. I thuroughly enjoy it and I recommend it to everyone.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Standard Games the XBox Comes With

I don't know about you, but most people probably never even play the games that come with the XBox. Some of them come with Lego Indiana Jones or Lego Batman. Mine came with Lego Batman and Pure (racing game). So actually sat down and played both these games because I thought they might be decent. Lego Batman was actually kinda fun in that it was "little kid" ish and it was incredibly realistic. Pure was a lot like EVERY other racing game. Surprisingly like Excite Truck on the Wii, but without the motion controls. Was also still an okay game. They were both incredibly easy too. So I most likely won't play those games again unless I want some easy achievements for my gamerscore.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I recently beat Bulletstorm and at the end of playing I actually got up looked at the case and wondered why I wasted 5-6 hours of my life playing it.  I was a fan of Gears of War (made by same people) but I just didn't enjoy this game.  I didn't like how you had a weird whip that you could grab enemies with and bring them towards you.  It was sort of weird.  But I did like how it was somewhat like Gear of Wars in ways.  I would not recommend it to people unless you want to spend 6 or so hours of your life playing what amounts to crap.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Call of Duty: Complaints

Call of Duty has been great over the years but they have one main problem right now. That problem is Activision.  Activision basically fired all of Infinity Ward because they refused to pay them for Modern Warfare 2 until Modern Warfare 3 came out.  So they broke off into DangerClose and are making MW3.  So now, Activision is making games once a year so that they can have more games coming out.  This is bad.  Not only will they have customers lose interest, but their games will become more and more TERRIBLE! If you look at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, that game took multiple years to make and look how it turned out to be. It was great! So the main problem here is Activision.  DangerClose is going to making an EPIC Modern Warfare 3, and Treyarch is only good for Zombies.  Personally, and I want some opinions on this one, I think Treyarch should make a game with only Zombies.  Like, have as extras all the old maps from CoD5: WaW and CoD7: Black Ops and put those in.  But also make a few more maps that have a whole storyline to them. Not a game like Left 4 Dead, but the same kind of Zombies that have been made, but make all the maps connect in a storyline.  I would buy actually pre-order that.  BUT, only if they take time on it and not only 1 year.  What do you guys think? Would you buy that game?  One random question: What would you name that game? (Not just "Zombies")

Check Out The Tech Syndicate for more!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Portal 2

Portal 2 was another great game that came after the very popular Portal 1. Unlike the first one, Portal 2 did not focus as much on the puzzles but they focused more on the storylines. Storylines isn't a bad thing but when they focus that much on it, it can get annoying. The storylines was great, but the puzzles were very "lacking". The puzzles were basically hidden in the new multiplayer option. Where you and a friend can play and enjoy what the puzzles should have been in singleplayer. Overall, Portal 2 is still an EXCELLENT game. I recommend this one for everyone.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Portal 1

Portal 1 was an excellent game where you could complete puzzles with portals.  There was definitely nothing wrong with the game and it was amazing. You play as the character Chell. You are in a testing chamber where you are attempting get to the desired "cake" with your best friend, the companion cube. Risking your life all for the entertainment of GLaDOS. Very good game for both PC and available in the Orange Box for XBox 360. I very much recommend it for all ages!


Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a fun game to play when you're bored and have nothing better to do.  I beat it fairly easily and fast and I enjoyed it so I bought the expansion "Undead Nightmare".  This was much harder and a lot more fun.  Zombies is always a good gametype in any game. Haha.  I loved the zombie horses.  I watched the game review on Zero Punctuation (HILARIOUS: Zero Punctuation Videos) and Yahtzee complainted about your horse always getting stuck in a wall. Well that never seemed to happen to me, but it always happened to AI.  Also, you do have to watch your horse's arse bobble up and down for at least half the game.  The fast travel station just sucks.  Though, I still enjoyed the storyline a lot.  I recommend this game to anyone.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Xbox 360 Console

Those of you out there with an Xbox 360 console, keep rocking.  I love the 360.  I've played Playstation 3 as well, I don't have anything against it, in fact I think it's pretty sweet, but once you get used to an XBox controller, it's tough to switch.  I recently modded my disc drive to play burned games and I gotta say, burning games isn't THAT worth it.  I mean, yes, you save like $50 on games, but it takes at least 24 hours to download/burn the game to a 8.5GB disc.  And I have a pretty good computer too.  But $50 is a good deal of money to save.  So far I think I've downloaded 5 games.  It's cool, but it also slows down the hardware of the XBox.  Sometimes when I don't wanna deal with slow loading, I just plug in my other Elite and play on that.  I recommend modding your disc drive if you wanna save money.  Look on Craigslist for people who mod them.  A lot of them do it for around $20.  Look into it!

Halo 1 for PC

Halo 1 for PC was sweet and I got it right when it came out.  I never had an original XBox so I was couldn't play it so I waiting until the PC version came out.  It was an excellent game and it even had multiplayer online which was sweet.  Then I came across Halo Custom Edition that was downloadable for free.  Basically, you could make your own maps (NOT like forge) but you could even take maps from Call of Duty or soemthing and make it into a map for Custom Edition.  You could put in CoD guns, guns or vehicles from any other game.  It was pretty sweet! Now I'm pumped for the Halo 1 Remake that is coming out soon! Can't wait! In Halo: Reach, if you had Halo 1 for PC, you could even get a nameplate from it.  I proudly wear that! Haha. (Shown Below)

A switch to the PC

I'm occasionally talk about some PC games, not too many, but a few.  This time, I'm talking about Minecraft.  I've been playing Minecraft for about 2 months maybe and I gotta say, it's still hella fun!  You get to build whatever you want and it looks cool! Buildings, Pixel art, Whatever!  It's very fun if you are wanting to become an engineer.  You get to plan and build stuff!  I recommend getting it. http://www.minecraft.net . It's a lot of fun!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) is a good game by Infinity Ward but not as good as it's original, Modern Warfare 1.  I feel that they thought that they did so well on MW1 that they could just half-ass MW2 and it be as good.  it was still decent but not as good as MW1.  I liked the Spec Ops part that they added and the whole "Museum" level you get to when you beat the game.  Those were GREAT additions.  They should have brought back the cheats that you get from collecting intel as well.. I felt that a chunk of the game was missing when they took that out.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is definitely the greatest Call of Duty that has ever been created.  Infinity Ward really went all out in this one.  I recently rediscovered the "Cheats" options you get from collecting intels (Video of Intel Locations Click link for intel locations: Credit to metalcard).  My favourite cheat was the "The Bad Year" cheat.  When activated, everytime you shoot an enemy, tires fly out from where the body was.  It's always fun to see.  The other funniest cheat is the "Ragtime Warfare".  This causes the screen to look like an old time movie and music that would be in an old movie.  Funniest effects ever. Haha. More to come!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach is a great game. I've had it basically since it came out.  Because Bungie got so butthurt about people glitching it to get more credit (yes I was one of them :P) I got reset twice.  The first through I got to Lieutenant Colonel and then got reset.  Second time I got to Major Grade 3 and got reset.  Now I am back up to Major Grade 3.  But now I don't even play for credits or anything at all.  Now I only play Halo: Reach to have fun with friends and maybe build a cool map for Rooster Teeth's Achievement Horse. {http://achievementhunter.com/archive/?sid=horse} Check it out. They are pretty funny!

Video Gaming Today

Video games today are fun and enjoyable.  I for one play video games quite often.  Just today I played tons of games with some friends of mine in Halo: Reach.  Mainly Grifball, but we also played Big Team Battle and Team Snipers.  It's always more enjoyable when You are playing with friends and not just by yourself.  This blog will mainly be about the video games I play, how I do in them, what I do in them, and just how much of a hell of a good time I'm having. (: